Le Perle del Mediterraneo


is adding a new beauty range inspired by the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean to its Precious Gems collection.

Tierras de Andalucia

All the energy of Andalusia in a sensual and refined body range, combining the effectiveness of botanical extracts with the softness of exquisitely rich emulsions.


Tesori Moreschi – Moorish Treasures

The stunning Maghreb is a vortex of colours, flavours and fragrances. The sumptuous aroma of spices meets the beauty of handwoven carpets and hand-crafted silver. The plants that grow in these lands are the result of its incredible richness.

In North Africa, green tea with mint is a ritual for wellbeing: a break which regenerates body and mind with all the freshness of natural ingredients.

Segreto Barocco – Secret Baroque

The sophisticated atmospheres of the Mediterranean baroque, featuring splendour, courage and magnificence, enrich a beauty secret that has never been unveiled before.

Ramblas dei Fiori

An energizing and revitalizing line that leaves a lively floral and fruity fragrance on the skin that evokes the passion of hot
Catalan nights, thanks to the extracts of Gardenia, Iris, Passionflower, Olive tree, Thistle Oil, and Red Vine.

Sospiri d’Amore

A combination of sumptuous and precious textures that release a sensual fragrance of bergamot, pink pepper, patchouli and musk. The Hyaluronic Acid, silk extract and Allantoin hydrate the skin.

Profumi di Costiera – Coastal Perfumes

“Profumi di Costiera” is a tribute to this astonishing land, to its variety, beauty, and the nature found in its lush landscapes, brought to life in each formula with a pool of exquisite ingredients: Lemon, Cedar, Olive Leaf and Rosemary sourced where the land meets the sea, where the waves smooth the coastline and the breeze smells of salt.

This enervating, revitalising range features ingredients typical of the Amalfi Coast, which are combined with functional active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glycine and the trace elements of Zincite.

Designed for those in search of a high performance product which at the same time is gentle, welcoming and uniquely fragrant, just like the stunning Amalfi Coast.


Vent de Provence

Just like magical Provence, this body range is an explosion of health and vitality. A large range of daily beauty products with a fragrance that recalls field flowers and relaxes the senses, ensuring every day is full of Provencale sensations.