Who we are

Your Company’s trust and family.

Beauty has been a member of our family for 25 years. Thanks to beauty, we have learnt a lot about women, their aspirations and numerous needs.

This is where Oficine Clemàn comes from: a brand dedicated to women, their sense of beauty and balance that accompanies them in feeling comfortable, nicely fragrant and perfect in any situation.

For the woman who loves shades of pink that chooses a green world.

Oficine Clemàn’s guiding philosophy is based on the quest to achieve a balance between cosmetological science and natural ingredients. This delicate relationship has yielded highly innovative formulations that harness natural active ingredients to care for the body and leave it looking beautiful. Oficine Clemàn combines high performance ingredients with research into unique, original fragrances that ensure each product is up-to-date and extremely pleasant to use. For the sophisticated consumer who favours natural products.