Sugar Crystal Scrub

With Pink Quartz, Gallic Rose Extract, Rosehip Oil, Hydrergy and Peach and Apricot Extracts

Sugar crystals and Pink Quartz crystals, the perfect combination for an unmatched beauty and well-being break: the Sugar microcrystals carry out a delicate scrubbing action, while the properties of Pink Quartz foster a pleasant feeling of relaxation and gentleness. This Scrub is enriched with moisturising and nourishing Peach and Apricot extracts, which are enhanced by the soothing, protective and remineralizing properties of Rosehip oil and old Gallic Rose extract. Finally, the derivative of a microalga from Hawaiian lakes gives a boost of vital energy. After the treatment the skin is renewed, fresh and radiant, ready to receive the benefits of other care products.

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