Pietre Preziose


An extensive range of body products, enhancing the daily beauty routine with their exclusive, natural elements and specific active ingredients that moisturise, tone, energise and revive.

Fiori di Cristallo – Porcelain Flowers

All the delicacy of the Blue Lotus and Fleur-de-Lis water, Lotus Flower and the dazzling Thai Porcelain Flower, known as Hoya Lacunosa, give the skin moisture, balance and wellbeing.

The Fiori di Cristallo experience is sweet and enveloping, starting with the bath and concluding with skin that is velvety to the touch and looks radiant, intense and sophisticated.


Gocce di Diamante – Diamonds Drops

Is the range designed for women who like to feel refined and elegant whatever the occasion. A range offering softening, nourishing and regenerating properties which leaves the skin smooth and bright, just like the surface of a diamond. Whilst the skin is left looking brighter, the sensual and intriguing fragrance heightens the feminine nature of every woman, imbuing her with charm and elegance at any time of day.

Oro – Gold

Discerning women who ask for the very best from their body care products; sophisticated, refined women who like to surround themselves with precious things. GOLD is a range conceived particularly with these women in mind. It combines active botanical extracts with vitamins and functional anti-ageing principles, micro-particles of Colloidal Gold, a substance that protects skin from the aggressions of time. A high quality range which combines natural products with refined, elegant packaging with a heart of GOLD.


Madreperla – Mother of Pearl

Your skin is your natural treasure: put it in the spotlight. Madreperla is the fabulous Exenthia Mediterranea range created by combining exquisite oils, flower extracts and vitamins with Pearl dust. The soft, pleasing texture is regenerating and moisturising. It glides across the skin, releasing active ingredients which are emollient, toning and energising, with pearly particles that reflect the light. The skin rediscovers the pleasure of dazzling, finding fresh new beauty and joie de vivre. Madreperla, dedicated to your natural treasure.

Corallo – Coral

Corallo is the innovative range by Exenthia Mediterranea produced by combining ultra-fine red coral powder with marine trace elements, red seaweed and oils packed with Omega 3 and 6. The combination of marine elements and precious oils leaves skin moisturised, bright and looking young and healthy. Each product prevents and counteracts skin ageing for skin that is more beautiful, visibly more toned and as stunning as coral itself.

Pietra della Luna – Moonstone

A combination of natural elements offering extraordinary properties. Delicate, effective products that leave skin extremely bright, combining a high moisturising standard with brightening, vitalising properties. Argan Oil, Aquatic Mint, Flower Extracts, Silk Proteins and Almond Butter: natural ingredients with a hint of the east help to create a range so sensual and appealing it is unique. Skin looks exquisite, toned, elastic and perfectly moisturised; the mind is swept away by meditation, allowing itself to be drawn by the power of the moon, just like the earth itself.

Elisir di Giada – Jade Elixir

A regenerating, energising body care range. Combines the balancing power of Jade Extract with the protective, toning and revitalising properties of Aloe Vera and Lotus Flower. Exquisite and complete, it leaves the body’s skin feeling elastic and looking gorgeous. After use, skin is soft, velvety and attractive, and gives off a brilliance typical of healthy skin. A bubbly, energising fragrance accompanies each application, leaving skin fragrant and fresh. Cares for body beauty while offering a complete equilibrium of the senses.

Rosa di Quarzo – Rose Quartz

A range that reveals inner femininity, transforming the body’s skin into a weapon of seduction. The re-mineralising, anti-ageing properties of the queen of flowers, the Gallica and Mosqueta roses, leave the body feeling velvety, delightful to see and caress. At the same time a derivative of micro-algae that inhabit the Hawaiian lakes energises the skin tissue and brings it to life, while Rose Quartz gives a gentle equilibrium. Quartz Rose is a fine range made with products whose exclusive texture and sensual fragrance are designed for the “priceless” woman who tackles life gently but with energy, in perfect harmony.

Onice Nera – Black Onyx

The energy of Black Onyx, the protective properties of Blueberries and the revitalizing ones of Millet are combined in a line designed to defend your skin and provide deep hydration.

It restores firmness and absolute comfort to your skin.