Amavital Hair

A resource crammed with vitality and energy to provide a specific response to every need for smooth, curly, stressed or dyed hair.

Made using specific active ingredients and plant extracts, the Amavital Capelli range cares for hair’s natural beauty, nourishing it from the inside with organic fruit extracts.

A wide range of products that care for hair, repairing, restructuring and nourishing it, combining haircare and treatment with a cosmetic effect.

Amavital Professional Styling

The complete line for perfectly defined styling.
With estratti biologici di Cedro, Pompelmo rosa, Melograno, Karkadè, Iris e Sambuco, per fissare senza appesantire, prevenendo l’effetto crespo.

Blond and White Hair

It renews shine and reflects of white and grey hair, and it neutralizes the warm yellow tones that blond hair often has by giving cooler nuances and a marvellous light effect.

Dry, Stressed Hair

A nourishing, protective range with organic Sweet Almond and Honey extracts. Ideal for fragile, stressed hair, it adds body, strength and natural shine, moisturising and nourishing hair deep down.

Anti Hair-Loss

A revitalising range that stimulates the microcirculation, with organic extracts of Helichrysum and Echinacea. Counteracts hair-loss, prolonging the growth phase and reactivating the hair bulb, for hair that withstands gravity.

Scalp with Dandruff

A purifying, regulating range made with organic extract of Rosemary, Mallow and Willow. A surge of freshness that eliminates dandruff and itching, restoring the proper balance to the scalp.

Heavy, Greasy Hair

A moisturising and astringent range with organic extract of Sage and Thyme.

The perfect nourishment for turning lank hair into beautiful feather-light tresses, providing balanced nourishment from the roots to the ends.

Delicate Hair And Frequent Washing

A specific nourishing range for frequent washing made with organic Oat and Aloe Vera extract. The gentlest caress, perfect for the skin of little ones and for those who enjoy having clean hair every day.

Smooth Hair

A smoothing frizz-free range with organic extract of Gingko Biloba and linseed.

Gives hair an incredible silky-smooth effect. Tames hair, softening and illuminating it from the roots to the ends

Curly And Wavy Hair

A remodelling range for curly hair with organic extract of Cherry and Orange Flower. Enhances the natural curves of hair, heightening definition and body. Also provides vitamins and minerals.

Coloured And Highlighted Hair

A protective range that revives colour, with organic extract of Sunflower and Raspberry. Anti-oxidant and moisturising, it counteracts the effect of free radicals whilst ensuring colour and highlights stay bright.

Precious Oils for Hair

The new range of Amavital Precious Oils has been designed to leave hair looking stunning every day. This rich blend of oils with outstanding properties regenerates hair whenever needed. Each of the products in the range contains Argan, Buriti, Linseed and Tamanu oils to revive hair from the roots to the ends, leaving it hydrated, restructured and nourished whilst respecting the scalp.