Amavital Face

Exquisite botanical recipes, delicate oils and hand-picked active ingredients transform daily beauty-care into an opportunity to rediscover skin that is naturally bright and full of vitality.

Amavital is an effective yet natural choice for countering cellular ageing, cleansing,

Private Collection

Private Collection is the beauty line that gives you the possibility to change whenever you want, even every day.

A line with a rich range of products formulated with natural, functional active ingredients that work in synergy to meet every need of the skin.

Mixed and Impure Skin Types

This is the functional line for treatment of mixed and impure skin types which combines precious sebum-absorbing ingredients, such as Zinc and Cucumber, with refined eudermic oils such as Argan oil and Sesame oil, that bestows softness and elasticity. This is how it can efficiently fight the presence of excess sebum, without drying the skin too much. For a vital, fresh and velvet soft face, showing no signs of impurity.

Skin Reminder

Is the anti-ageing range which brings together the performance of several natural elements to counter the signs of ageing, moisturise skin and give tone to skin tissue. Prebiotics and Probiotics also “remind” the skin how to defend itself against external aggressions, maintaining visible results over the course of time.

For Normal to Dry Skin

This line takes advantage of the properties of Hyaluronic Acid in combination with Echinacea to moisturise the skin and keep biological functions active. Designed for maximum care of dry and normal skin, this line contains three products for daily use as cleanser, to remineralize, hydrate and contrast skin ageing. With Siberian GinsengOat and three Hyaluronic Acids of different molecular weight.

Sensitive skin with a tendency toward rosacea

This is the functional line for treatment of sensitive skin and those with tendency to redness which combines the soothing and anti-redness proprieties of Boswellia. Serrata and other specific active principles, to improve and strengthen microcirculation. These two complementary products help in reducing irritations and redness, boosting the skin’s natural barriers and alleviating the skin reactivity to external agents.


Is a range of products essential for caring for facial skin every day. Amavital ESSENTIAL looks after your skin, starting with thorough cleansing that respects the hydrolipidic film, and provides an intense and long-lasting moisturising effect.

Vegetal Lifting

Is the range of anti-wrinkle products made with Gatuline® Expression which combines the skin-smoothing, elasticising effect of Acmella Oleracea with the well-known anti-ageing properties of Hyaluronic Acid. With Amavital VEGETAL LIFTING your skin is instantly more toned, smooth, moisturised and elastic.

Wrinkles are visibly reduced after just two weeks of application.

Essential Colour

Is the range of Moisturising Colour Emulsions in three different nuances. Thanks to the interferential soft focus particles and a triglyceride that retains water, it guarantees impeccable performance all day.

With Amavital ESSENTIAL COLOUR, skin imperfections are minimised, and skin looks naturally bright.