It is Oficine Cleman line for feminine hygiene, the treatment of acne and lip herpes. The ozonized oil, used in formulas, biologically stimulates the natural defences of skin cells thereby increasing the energy they have available: Thanks to the action of active ozone, skin tissues can carry out regeneration and repair actions more effectively by increasing the reaction against bacterial, fungal and viral aggressions; product efficacy is clinically tested.

Specific Body Line

Thanks to the presence of Active Ozone, it helps the skin to protect itself naturally against bacterial, fungal and viral aggression.

Feminine Hygiene Line

It is a line of product for feminine hygiene and protection that uses Ozone properties to stimulate natural defences against external aggressions. 
The efficacy of ozonized oils in treating disorders of the feminine intimate zone is clinically tested.
Confirming the expected results, ozonized oils have proven antibacterial efficacy and excellent tolerability.

Line for oily – acne skins

It is the normalizing line for oily and acne skins, it minimises the redness and swelling that are normal characteristics of acne and inhibit the proliferation of the bacteria causing the problem.
It can prevent the formation of permanent scars and favours the skin’s natural skin-renewing process.

Lip Balm

Gel cream designed specifically for the treatment of skin affected by lip herpes simplex. The oxygenating and regenerating properties of Ozonised Sunflower Oil on the epidermis can help the natural regression of the symptoms and minimise unpleasant itching and discomfort.