Amavital Sun Passion

Amavital sun passion, the new “light touch” range revolutionising the world of sunscreens. Application is easy, even for the high factor products; provides a safe barrier without leaving a heavy sensation on the skin. The new Amavital sunscreen range is also enhanced by two tanning accelerators, and is packed with exquisite moisturising and nourishing element such as Hyaluronic Acid, Macadamia Oil, Kukui Oil, Ferulic acid and Vitamin E. As a result, in addition to safe protection, each product also gives the skin a fully fledged beauty treatment. State-of-the-art filters: the utmost UVA and UVB protection. The sun creams also guarantee protection against long UVA rays. Conforms with the European sunscreen recommendation. Nickel tested, alcohol and paraben-free.


Amavital Perfect Body

Amavital Perfect Body agisce sugli inestetismi della figura femminile portando i principi attivi dove ce n’è più bisogno. Sfrutta l’innovativo sistema Vektor Inside, che permette la penetrazione cutanea delle molecole di Caffeina ed Escina: per un’azione rimodellante ed una riduzione dell’effetto “buccia d’arancia”.

Amavital Face

Exquisite botanical recipes, delicate oils and hand-picked active ingredients transform daily beauty-care into an opportunity to rediscover skin that is naturally bright and full of vitality.

Amavital is an effective yet natural choice for countering cellular ageing, cleansing,

Amavital Hair

A resource crammed with vitality and energy to provide a specific response to every need for smooth, curly, stressed or dyed hair.

Made using specific active ingredients and plant extracts, the Amavital Capelli range cares for hair’s natural beauty, nourishing it from the inside with organic fruit extracts.

A wide range of products that care for hair, repairing, restructuring and nourishing it, combining haircare and treatment with a cosmetic effect.

Pietre Preziose


An extensive range of body products, enhancing the daily beauty routine with their exclusive, natural elements and specific active ingredients that moisturise, tone, energise and revive.

Le Perle del Mediterraneo


is adding a new beauty range inspired by the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean to its Precious Gems collection.

Exenthia for Men

Caring for your appearance is a habit which involves dedicating skin a little attention every day; attention which increasingly involves men as well. The five products in the Exenthia Mediterranea For Men range are designed to combine performance and pleasure however they are used. Whilst the natural extracts in the formulas preserve tone and elasticity of skin, the pleasant fragrance of the products makes them sensual, irresistible and kiss-proof.


It is Oficine Cleman line for feminine hygiene, the treatment of acne and lip herpes. The ozonized oil, used in formulas, biologically stimulates the natural defences of skin cells thereby increasing the energy they have available: Thanks to the action of active ozone, skin tissues can carry out regeneration and repair actions more effectively by increasing the reaction against bacterial, fungal and viral aggressions; product efficacy is clinically tested.

Obiectivo Uomo

Attention to the world of men and their daily routines has yielded a range designed for men; one that accompanies routines such as shaving, showering or morning grooming with wellness and care for the body. Obiectivo Uomo products combine elements that are valuable for the skin’s health with plant extracts from the Amazon Forest gathered under certified organic conditions (ECOCERT). Packed with oils, vitamins and plant extracts that regenerate, soften, moisturise and purify skin, this range is a delicate and natural way for men to approach the world of skincare, and to gradually incorporate new forms of wellbeing into their daily routines.

Selection de Oficine Clemàn

A prestigious brand which hand-picks nature’s finest produce for offering to men in the form of beauty products.

A brand that conveysexcellence, researchandexclusiveness, providing a response to the increasing demand amongst consumers for niche products.